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Roaming hub

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Roaming hub

International roaming has transformed the mobile telephony landscape over the past few years.
Business travelers are willing to pay a premium for the convenience of being accessible wherever
they are, making roaming a lucrative business for operators. However, a new mobile operator faces
significant obstacles and delays in exploiting this opportunity as the process of establishing bilateral
roaming partnerships all over the world can take several months. This delays the inflow of revenues
and also delays the rollout of roaming services for the high-end business traveler segment of the
subscriber base. Even an existing mobile operator must again go through the time-consuming
negotiation and testing phases when launching new services like GPRS, CAMEL or 3G roaming,
even if it has few hundreds of GSM roaming agreement
Roaming hub  is designed to prioritize and accelerate the process of launching
roaming services for an operator. An operator (client) can leverage the strong roaming relationships
and existing roaming infrastructure of another operator or more than one operator, which serves as a
sponsor operator (or roaming hub), to offer lucrative outbound roaming services to its subscribers
and to serve the inbound roamers from the roaming partners of the hub.

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