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Send Routing Info

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Send Routing Info

I'm sending SendRoutingInfo and SRI-SM to MSISDN of my operator. In this scenario i'm receiving IMSI and MSC correct GT Number.
But if i send SRI or SRI-SM to numbers of another operator's, i'm receiving strange IMSI (724002100000000) and MSC GT 0x0F.
I'm using the MSISDN number on SCCP Called.

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Re: Send Routing Info

Hello luciomprado,
Generally this happens in couple of scenarios..

The operator has an SS7 firewall which is either blocking or masking and mapping the actual IMSI/ServingMSC.

This also happens in case there is a gateway/hub in between. But in this case the Serving MSC GT should be the one that belongs to the GW/HUB. (should be actual GT not ox0f).

Whats your operator saying? Btw, is it telco of some SMS hub provider?



Firewall on my operator? Or firewall on another's operators? Because i'm trying to send this messages to another 3 operators and i'm receiving the same result.
I think unlikely that these three operators have firewall, or not?
Gateway/Hub you mean Home Routing?

My operator have delay to provide the answer. Is a Mobile Operator.

I'm looking for another operator which can offer SS7 query service, but i can't find this :(