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Special character handling issue

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Special character handling issue

Hi All,

My application works on SMS based service. It is connected with operator MSC over SS7 E1 link. Its getting the message string in Hex code format from MAP layer above the SS7 stack as :

p040e011e170a000804540600107822f81809040791198912 0000501927240c91198912052994000850307130059122140 410054004d002000340030003000300032003200

From this message string TP_UD is 410054004d002000340030003000300032003200

My application using GCT_receive method of gct to get the message string from SS7 network and unpackbits method of gct to convert default alphabets (byte string) of TP_UD to ASCII. Its working fine but the problem is in handling of some special characters like '[',']','{','}' ... etc.  Actually unpackbits method returns decimal value of each default alphabet (each byte) for which my application maps in equivalent ASCII character. But for above mentioned characters('[',']','{','}' ... etc.) unpackbits method returns 0 as decimal value which is equvalent to null in ASCII . So I am not getting the actual result for these characters.

Please suggest me any alternative or any solution to handle these special characters.

I am using intel SS7 stack and septel PCI card

I need it ASAP ....
Thanks in advance ...


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Re: Special character handling issue

I think this comes under extended GSM character set.
Please refer to alphabet table in GSM Alphabet Spec (GSM 3.38 - Alphabets and language-specific information)

Hope this helps.