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SS7 C7 binary file layout

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SS7 C7 binary file layout

i have a binary file from SS7 or C7 but i am unable to trace the fields of records in the file.
i want to know in what format these fields will be present in binary file.
i am pasting one record from the file, this record is in Hex Mode.


from the above record i am able to find A number: 0629261215
and B number: 19520629931989
but want to know date time and duration fields.
corresponding to this record i have one switch record which helped me to find A and B numbers :


here 1st and 2nd fields are A and B numbers, but the date and time are in 3rd and 4th field, these fields(date and time ) i am unable to find in record pasted.

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Re: SS7 C7 binary file layout

First of all, there isn't pure S7 message, which are exchanged between switches. Second issue is that in simple call scenario data and time are not present. Duration you may read between ANM and REL messages, but in this situation your layout have to be equipped with timestamps.