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SS7 & SIP Call Detail Records for Intercarrier Billing & Fraud Feed

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SS7 & SIP Call Detail Records for Intercarrier Billing & Fraud Feed

SS7 Call and Transactional Detail Records

In my industry, I see clients using ISUP/TCAP/AIN/IS41/GSM/SIP/SIPT correlated records for a secondary data source. They use for direct intercarrier billing verification with Point Codes/CIC/ Calling/Called/ Bill time / Network Time, etc..... Sometimes when they do an intercarrier audit, they find significantly more SS7 CDRs than Switch based records.

Sometime, they do not find AMA records for billing feeds all together. (Internal Fraud, bad translation tables, software, mediation, etc...).

I even see clients that directly billing for intercarrier compensentation from the SS7 CDR.

Most of the later Fraud Management systems can utilize a real time CDR. Great for identification of information even before a all is answered.

Some are using CDRs from GSM MAP as roamer welcome applications. From Sigtran taps, take the MAP information, send out a specific CDR format via TCP/IP socket in real time to back end welcome SMS applications.

Allot of carrier these days are taking a closer look at the CDR from the signaling link as a uncompromising data source, it is non performance impacting the switch/STP, RAW, Un-mediated and can include mostly any fields in the protocol as a fields in the CDR.

Please provide your input.

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