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ss7 vs sigtran

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ss7 vs sigtran

hi i'm a student from indonesian university..

i have a assessment from my teacher to tell what is the diffrence between SS7 and sigtran..not that i haven't try searching the answer from google , but the result from google doesn't give me a clear answer..

So can anyone give me a link or explain it to me..

1. is it using the same signal unit like SS7 signal unit?

2.The architecture, do they still call it STP , SCP , SSP?

3The protocol beside SCTP, do they still work the same as SS7 protocol?


Hi, The main thing you have


The main thing you have to understand is that SS7 is signaling used over E1 (TDM) while Sigtran is signalling over IP...


pramod Kumar
sigtran sctp...

There is wide range of diffrence in SS7 and Sigtran, I am covering just brief info on SCTP itself:

1. SCTP is unicast protocol.
2, provide reliable tranmission.
3. support multi streaming.
4. support multi homing

ss7 also provide these 2 features:

5. support flow control
6. detects path failure.

7. support sucurity consideration.