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SS7 with SMS Network Implementation and Equipment

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SS7 with SMS Network Implementation and Equipment

Hey everyone,

This is my first post here and am not sure whether to put this topic here in the SS7 topic or in the SMS topic. I will leave it here and if an Admin feels it to be necessary to move, please do so.

Alright, I have a series of questions here and I look forward to getting some feedback on this.

What I have questions about is the SS7 Network and how I can implement it into my web-based business. I have spent hours upon researching SS7 and everything that comes along with it. However, finding certain answers is a hard and grueling process.

What I want to do is implement a SMS service into my business. However, I DO NOT want to use an Aggregator but rather use a direct interconnect within the SS7 network allowing faster and more reliable transmissions of SMS's while also giving me more control over these transmissions. If I am understanding everything correctly then an SS7 interconnect is relatively easy to do but the process setting it up is where I am having trouble.

I know I need an SS7 Signaling Point Code. However, do I only need 1 and whats the cost of obtaining one? Also, must I get one from Telcordia Technologies or are there other ways to obtain one? After I send in my $200 application to them, whats their process in assigning one?

Next, I of course need equipment which I am looking at purchasing from Squire Technologies.

This is what I believe I need.
1.) SS7 STP Signal Transfer Point [Box]
2.)SMS Gateway [Box]
3.)SS7 to ISDN PRI Protocol Converter [Box]
4.)SS7 c7 Signalling Gateway [Box]
5.)SMSC Short Message Service Center [Box]

I am not sure if I will need all 5 of these so if anyone has knowledge on this I would be grateful to hear your thoughts.

So, after obtaining a Point Code and buy my equipment, will I then have direct interconnect access to the SS7 network for SMS Transmissions after connecting all equipment and software together?

If so, this is what I am aiming for. If not, what are the step by step processes I should follow to connect with the SS7 network allowing SMS transmissions to take place within my web based business.

I will no doubt be looking through the forums here as well for more info.

I hope to hear any and all thoughts and opinions on this. Thank you all for your time!

hey, not able to understand

not able to understand your requirement correctly i suppose...

Though i can tell u that we can take services of operators like vodafone.

Also STP comes in to the picture when u have relatively larger networks.

Perhaps I am not....

Hey, I am wondering if I am not understanding thee SS7 network correctly. I am under the impression that anyone has access to the network. However, is this incorrect? Do I need a service provider to rent access from such as Verizon or Cisco?


SS7 network allowing SMS transmissions to take place within web based business.

Luis Aguayo
Rusty1319, I have the same


I have the same problem, I need to understand qe what do I nee to be a sms provider.
Did ou find an answer?