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TCAP Session - Controlling Timeout

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TCAP Session - Controlling Timeout

Dear all,

Hope you all doing well.

I have a problem which is i'm sending a TCAP Begin holding a network initiated USSD request to the VLR, the message is delivered to the mobile and i have no problem when the mobile user responds to the USSD request, but when the mobile user does not respond to the USSD request i have to end the session. the VLR will end the session after the default timeout which is configured all over the operator network but i need to control the time out because my USSD requests timeout values differs from each other. i tried to send TCAP Abort with Abnormal Dialogue but no success. the main problem is that TCAP End and Abort message requires destination transaction ID and i don't know VLR transaction ID.

You help is appreciated.