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Unrecognised Transaction ID

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Unrecognised Transaction ID

I get Unrecognised Transaction ID error for LU in our VLR and LU is failing. Sometimes LU is successful for same IMSI under same VLR. On comparing both traces, i could not see any difference in OTID and DTID combination. Can anyone suggest me other possibilities?

can you provide us with the

can you provide us with the traces?

--Best RegardsAlaa' Al Atrash[email protected]

HI, I also want to know the

HI, I also want to know the solution for this concern. I am also experiencing it in our network right now

Ethereal Traces

Please send the ethereal traces if you have.

there are dozent of

there are dozent of possibilities.

one maybe a error in the GlobalTitle Routing or in the Global Title Configuration of a Server

If there Service Global Titles are used to LoadBlance over Locations/Servers and then the Server should Reply with it's "Hardware Global Title" rather with the "Service Global Title", maybe a "Hardware Global Title" is LoadBalanced (but shouldn't) .

There are various other reasons.

Who sents it ?
is there a dialogue before it ?

Trace would answer all this.

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ISD Delay could be cause

Did you notice ISD/ISD ack delay between successful and failed LU? LU may also time out because of delayed response from HLR/VLR and result in active transaction getting deleted. So the system may not understand the transaction and respond with unrecognized transaction ID.