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USSD Push issue

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USSD Push issue

Hi Everybody, please help me with network initiated ussd messages

I'm not able to open a dialogue with remote peer. I send a MAP-OPEN-REQ, MAP_UNSRTRUCTURED_SS_REQ messages to remote, but not get any response from remote except the response given by my local. Here is my message:

I0000 M tc7e2 i0000 f1d d15 s00 p01010d53340806001104488920002002020854023453127484f1030d53b105930011044889200076040b0906070400000100130200
I0000 M tc7e0 i0000 f1d d15 s00 p170e01012e010f0f07914879091520f12f10e8f71d14969741f9771d447f93c3f99f00
I0000 M tc7e2 i0000 f1d d15 s00 p0500
and here is the response given by my local:

I0000 T 0010e28f M t87e3 i0000 f15 d1d s00 p8205010000
I0000 T 0010e28f M t87e1 i0000 f15 d1d s00 p920e010116010800

I'm using septel library.


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