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application of telecommunications

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application of telecommunications

                                me khawar doing telecommunication engineering i m free 4 two months and i m in my 6th semester what can i do know which will help me in my later semesters

                                thnx regards

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Re: application of telecommunications

There are multiple streams in telecom line.
You can go inot either development or in implementation side.
implementation side:
1. Networking (IP)
2. RF planning which involves installtion,commissioning and integration of BTS Sites.
3. desktop jobs for maintenance oftelecom lines and issues.

SS7,VOIP,SIP etc..

ASN.1 Translator

Hi All

I have developed a software to translate any ASN.1 (ber) CDR or file in very convenient format

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Telecom Expense Management(TEM): An ongoing analysis and adjustment of internal telecommunications procedures and billing designed to maximize savings.
Telecom RFP (Request For Proposals): A proposed management plan designed to maximize efficiency, security and reliability in the business' communications. Consultants typically present an RFP for approval by their clients.
Management and Reporting: Ongoing telecommunications cost and activity analytics. Internal auditors and consultants both use software as part of the process: either a generalized database application or specialized applications designed for auditing.

A common misconception is that a Telecom Audit only relates to the area of telecom cost, when if fact it encompasses just about every communications service that a business expends its budget on.

Audits may focus on mobile phones and devices, Internet service or land line telephony, or they may encompass all three.

Independent telecom auditing firms are not affiliated with telecom companies that sell mobile phones and devices, Internet service, long distance calling or land line telephony. They are independent and work on contingency.