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Background Music Service

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Khalid Sweeseh
Background Music Service

does any one has some technical details regarding how to build a Background music ? and can the IN / CAMEL be used to achieve such a service  ???

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Re: Background Music Service

If you have idea of CRBT ( Caller Ring Back Tone), back ground music is almost the same except you wont stop the play. Yes, if can be done in IN/CAMEL.
You may need to use call conference, to be able to make both parties hear the background music.

Re: Background Music Service


could you tell me how it can be done by CAMEL?

i know the play announcement message, but this will need to upload every piece of voice on the MSCs media gateways.

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Re: Background Music Service


Can you plz help me about RBT sytem architecture and message flow.It will be gr8 if anyone can let me know if it's a part of IN application.

Laxmi N

BGM solution


I think no operation use IN/CAMEL solution for BGM now, all operation use MSC solution. use MSC solution it will be very easy, save cost, and all MSC support this flow.
And BGM is difference solution with RBT solution. (you can find RBT solution in other topic). BGM can use as conference call, A, B and system is one party. You can use asterisk for test BGM as the easilest solution.

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benfordmichael (not verified)

ceasarngoc is right. But try and try until you find out the best solution to your problem pal.