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CRBT Overview

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CRBT Overview


Can any one have any idea on system level architecture of CRBT and message flow when an User calls another user hears RBT.Is it a part of IN application ?? what are the protocols used for the same.

Your reply will be highly appreciated.

Please send me if anyone have any good document on CRBT . mohantyl[email protected]

Laxmi N

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Re: CRBT Overview

hi did u get CRBT call flow document, pls send me also...

thanks in advance

pradeep kumar

Hey. I know it is not the

Hey. I know it is not the newest thread but you might find this information given here helpful on the topic:

Hope it suits your needs.

help me to install CRBT


i need to more about the required equipment for the installation of CRBT service, if you have any document please mail me with [email protected]