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Hosted Softswitch

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Hosted Softswitch

Hosted Softswitch - Allows an ITSP Internet Telephony Service Provider to offer a full suite of telecommunications services without investing in high cost VoIP infrastructure and maintenance. The softswitch is comprised of a SIP registrar server and call routing engine, handling call registration and routing to multiple gateways and carriers. SIP Protocol support.

Wholesale Termination - Name your price can transport and terminate calls to any destination worldwide. We have relationships with Tier one carriers, mobile operators, voice resellers and other providers. End users can enjoy cost savings while distributors and resellers can benefit from increased

If you are looking for improved rates, great ASR's, and a reliable long-term carrier to work with, please contact us. If you have any questions about Wholesale Termination or any other service, please contact us for information and competitive pricing to better support your business needs.

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Cloud Based Routing Service

At we have pioneered a new way to source SIP Termination providers. By creating a marketplace with every major vendor available, our customers choose the vendors that meet their quality and pricing requirements.

The lowest cost SIP Termination option in the market today. As a cloud-based proxy, and integrated into every major US backbone, our service allows our customers to directly access more SIP Termination providers than ever before.

Please visit us today at