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Interface/APIs for billing

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Interface/APIs for billing

Hi All,

Can anyone please suggest what are the interfaces/APIs that are provided by the telecom operators to the service providers for billing of their subscribers for the services.


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Re: Interface/APIs for billing


Usually billing platforms are based on the network in place, is it cdma or gsm? and as such are custom built depending on how the network switch generates cdrs(call detail records).  For security purposes billing department will have an interface between them and the subscriber as an sms service where on request the customer gets an sms to his/her phone indicating their current bill. Am yet to find an interactive interface provided to customers or service providers allowing them direct access to billing servers.

Re: Interface/APIs for billing

Hi ,

Telecom billing is complex process which is made done by CDR from network's(MSC,SGSN etc). We rate the CDR and billed them . There is various billing solution vendors which have their own application for all billing chain. like (BSCS, kenan ) . They have their batch modules which runs on billing or rating server and billed accordingly. If you want to go in depth how the billing process done. you can read documentations.or write me further :)


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