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IVR with speech recognition

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IVR with speech recognition

I developed IVR system based on DTMF. And I developed Speech Recognition Application Separately. Both are working fine. but I have to incorporate speech Recognition to my IVR system. Anybody have idea about how to assign my voice channels. To listen my engine.

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Re: IVR with speech recognition

Hi Gopi Nath,

Could you please share the technical knowledge of IVR you developed? I would like to know what tools, software and hardware you used to develop ur IVR thing.

Did you use asterisk, telephony card and similar to those things? And in what language did you develop the software? It would be very helpful to me if you could give me some insights of the IVR developed by you.

Looking forward for your response.

Roshan Thapa

Speech Recognition

Hi argo.

Which spech Recognition you use? Sphinx-4 or other? So i think if you want to follow and recognize realtime, it should use Sphinx-4. And offline, i think you can find other open source software.

We're also developing some recognition application so we can share information.

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I really don't know which is

I really don't know which is the best for speech recognition to use. There are lots of software now and still upgrading to cope with the modern technology.