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Telecom Software

Hi everybody,
I'm a student in Network and System and I'm very interesting in Telecommunication System and Informatic, I wish this forum help me throughout my study.

Re: Telecom Software

Hi fiberMan,

This forum seems to be a passive in terms of comments and interaction.
But it's upto ppl like us to revive it and help each other.
Do share with us more about ur field of study.

Saikat Prabhakar

Document and area

Hi FiberMan,

if u can explain regarding what kind of documents or problems you have with the field that you want ,

like in telecom if you want GSM or wcdma related problems and if you have 3g or LTE related problems.

also whether you want to learn about protocols ssl and all.

please refer the details , will surely try to help you.

Thanks and regrds///

Ritish Bajaj

Engineer - Network Consulting

Ericsson India Pvt. Limited.

Ritish Bajaj

benfordmichael (not verified)
you are welcome

I guess this forum will help you. Just keep on asking and surely people here will help you find answers.

Telecom Software

Of course this forum will help you a lot.. you got any information regrading the field of telecom through disscussions here..

Jimmy Oliver,
Professional Telecom Trainer
Telecom Training for Telcos