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vehicle tracking system using GPS and GSM technology

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vehicle tracking system using GPS and GSM technology

i'm working on this project- Vehicle Tracking System.
I need details that can help like
1. circuit design
2. where i can get materials at a good rate
and other useful information.
pls send reply to [email protected]

Hi David

Hi david
We already make succesffully this product, So can you want to co-operate with us. My product will receive information in GPS, and send to Management System by SMS, radio depend your request, also my product support to send MMS ( as picture) to Management System, and any requirement from you. Hope information from you.

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Interested with GPS and GSM

I am interested with vehicle tracking system with Gps and GSM
so i need your help to details of this system and all requirement
that can help you to develop yourself
thx very much.