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Welcome SMS for Roamers

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Welcome SMS for Roamers


What is the flow of sending a Welcome SMS from the SMSC of the VPLMN to an Inbound Roamer without involving the network of the HPLMN or other Third Party network?


Ely Daliman

Welcome SMS for Roamers

Hi Ely,

In order to send Welcome SMS for the inbound roamers,we need to tap the Update Location transaction happening between Visited MSC/VLR and subscriber's Home Network's HLR which are ideally UL Req,ISD Req,ISD Rsp and UL Rsp respectively.

Once we get the complete profile of the inbound roamer(MSISDN,Category,Call Services Info,CAP info etc),we can initiate the message towards local SMSC over SMPP/CIMD/HTTP using subscriber's MSISDN and message TEXT for further delivery.

Hope response may be useful for better understanding.