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ADSL signal measurement

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ADSL signal measurement

Hello everyone

Before I begin t ask my question, I apologise for my bad English and also if here is not the right place to ask this question.
I'm an Electronics technician and my question is:

How can I measure ADSL line "attenuation" and "SNR Margin"? The only way is to request theme from the ADSLAM by a process similar to "Modem Initial training" or I can measure theme whitout connecting to ADSLAM and just by measuring signal parameters.

Your sincerely.

If it is currently connected

If it is currently connected to a modem, it should have all those measurements in the modem. Do a ipconfig on your pc and get the default gateway. Then check the settings. If you are connected to a router, do an ipconfig then do a tracert the very next ip after your default gateway should be your modem ip.