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Broadband network

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Broadband network

Hi everybody

Hope that my question is on the right forum...

So, I'm trying to understand how functions the long-distance networks! I'm still reading some tutorial but I'm occurs some problem to find a right and good global visions...

Here is a example :
There are three site A, B and C. The distance between A and B are short and we use CWDM, on the other hand the site C is far away and use DWDM.
These sites A, B and C use Gigabit Ethernet and they should communicate together.

First questions:
-I want to know how the Ethernet frames will be transported within WDM?
-Are the frames encapsulated in WDM frames? therefore we need converters??
-The Ethernet is distance limited but he runs with WDM? How to do that?

Second questions:
-There are some multiplexing like: Time (TDM), Wave (WDM) or Code (CDM). My question is: How to know which of these techniques do we have to implement or which are the characteristics of those?

Thank you in advances for your answer?
I will be grateful if someone could give me links on good tutorials or good reference of books (not too large  ;))

Quote:I know all well what relates to the LAN Networks and I must start to study the WAN Networks (Broadband Network) and there, nothing goes any more  ???


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Re: Broadband network

Broadband Internet access, often shortened to just broadband, is high-speed Internet access?typically contrasted with dial-up access over a modem.

Dial-up modems are generally only capable of a maximum bitrate of 56 kbit/s (kilobits per second) and require the full use of a telephone line?whereas broadband technologies supply at least double this speed and generally without disrupting telephone use. (It should be noted, though, that dial up is not the opposite of broadband, and is used here for practical understanding purposes only.)

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