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Cabling question

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Cabling question

We have a 50 pair cable that is 5 miles in length attached to a canal. There are approximately 3 drops to stations currently using tones for water levels back to a manned power house, there is also transfer trip for protection on said cable as well. What about the drops? There are no protectors at the stations either. The techs utilized butt splices in every can so there is no longer a way to isolate the circuits when we have a pair go bad.

My question is this, shouldn't there be terminal blocks at each enclosure? Also what about grounding the cable? I have an At&t tech of 25 years that states this is the way it is done (existing) with no means of breaking out the circuits. At one point hey are bringing a 50 pair cable into an enclosure then splitting that off 3 different directions all with 25 pair cables. The complaint was that the existing terminal blocks were the old brass style with nuts and the copper was corroding as well as the cable insulation cracking and falling off. The enclosures were not water tight.

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