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OTT- a global challenge?

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OTT- a global challenge?

Discussions at 13th annual Telecom summit in Portugal confirms that most industry leaders in EU see OTT a challenge- a source of revenue using their service with no benefit for them, and in some cases to their detriment, by contributing to further fall in voice call revenue.

We are going to further discuss that with industry leaders in Africa, and see how African MNOs think about it.

GDS International
Mr Fonseca (Portugal telecom): maximizing customer value

Is that possible with more and more potential revenue channeled to OTTs using MNOs services? Mr Fonseca talked about
Portugal Telecom’s 2020 Visions and Targets-NETWORK 2020 – Transforming the Telecom Landscape
Beyond 4G, Managing IOT Opportunities, Customer Loyalty & Maximising Customer Value
To this end, is OTT a challenge, OR a potential opportunity?

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a video snack on the topic
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Spotlight on Media & Entertainment: OTT

Over-the-top (OTT) video delivery services are the hot topic among media executives these days. But with all the noise, it is difficult to separate the myths from the realities in this market.