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What's the difference and Similarities between Cisco 3560X and 3750X?

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What's the difference and Similarities between Cisco 3560X and 3750X?

Both Cisco 3560X and Cisco 3750X switches are business class models of standalone (3560X) and stackable(3750X) switches for the aggregation and access network layers.So what's the difference and similarities between them?

Redundant Power and Fans:
The Cisco 3560-X and 3750-X support dual redundant power supplies and fans.

Power over Ethernet Plus:
The Catalyst 3750-X and 3560-X switches deliver PoE+ for a maximum power of 30W per port.

Power sharing capabilities:
The Cisco StackPower can be deployed in three configurations: power-sharing mode, redundant mode, and RPS mode.

StackWise Plus:
StackWise Plus enables the configuration of up to nine 3750 and 3750-X switches into a single logical switch.
One surprising difference is that the 3750-X switch provides only 64 Gbps of backplane throughput whereas the older 3750-E delivers 128Gbps.

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except the same features, the

except the same features, the 3750X switches also offer:
Cisco StackPower™ technology: An innovative feature and industry first for sharing power among stack members
Cisco StackWise Plus technology for ease of use and resiliency with 64 Gbps of throughput
Investment protection with backward compatibility with all other models of Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switches

more information about 3560x and 3750x can see here: