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telecomm question

What device in telecommunications can create lower blood pressure and higher testosterone?

The answer is the hoffman box regarding HD broadcast.

In Minnesota there has been a growing number of individuals that have experienced these symptoms along with many other migraines, bone density changes, ligaments and tendons, sleep deprivation and many other radio frequency poisoning symptoms. It does not change heart beat, so the lowering of blood pressure creates a pounding feeling in an individual's chest. It has affected entire communities. If you have tubes in your ears, watch out.

Disc jockeys joke about this phenomenon during their segments. Listen to 102.1 Country. It is the afternoon disc jockey in White Bear. He is the one that came from Ohio.

Keep reading, sometimes it is about asking the right questions after getting some other facts.

HD broadcast was setup illegally and incorrectly in the entire state of Minnesota. Within the twin cities metro, there is only one home broadcasting system that was properly installed, Brooklyn Center. One can physically feel the difference along 694W/94W passing this area. (reason for bad hockey-balance).

Here it is, the question. The radio stations in the metro use a satellite to broadcast the HD information to people. If you turn off the tracker which is connected to the satellite in your car does it worsen the affect in your car? What does this cause? (hint!) It has to be telecommunications since it is regarding satellite. If your car is a foreign car, does this amplify the affect of the wrong setup?

I was told to not to turn off the satellite tracking system in my car because of the illegal nature of the setup of HD broadcast. I was also told, prior to 2011, that all my texts within my car, since my car is satellite, can be heard by other people who have hd stereo systems. (hint! How many work trucks have this off in the state of Minnesota?) This was someone that worked in a different state at a dealership that spoke of these matters. In 2011 the stations began to use satellite to transmit the hd broadcast as opposed to the Doppler, which carries digital information.

Channel 5 witness news ran a blip about the turn over from the Doppler to satellite technology in December 2011. HD stereos now can read text messaging up to seven cars down the line from you. It mentioned installing specialized antennas that broadcast channels to televisions which created a stuffy feeling, deviated nose, that needed to be installed on people's homes. (red flag!) This is making people sick in Minnesota, and I was wondering if Telecommunications knows how to stop the problem. What the hell causes this affect for entire neighborhoods?