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Wireless networks "hotspots"

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Wireless networks "hotspots"

Hello, I am new to this telecommunicatiopns forum, could anyone please let me know about the legality of "hotspots" for the internet, I am wondering about their security and legality and I would like to know
1: If using them is illegal in any circumstances (including website browsing, even less salubrious websites)
2: If use can be limited or capped in any way
3: If use is anonymous
4: If use is anonynous, are other users anonymous as well, since I would not like to think of how these hotspots could be abused by malicious predators/ harassors / wrongdoers
5: If credit card information sent over this hotspot is secure from the owner(s) / administrators of this network
For example, the hotspot in Leicester Square, london, must have many many users daily, presumably they are all logged and monitored. How does this work?

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benfordmichael (not verified)
about using hotspots

Hello there,

I think that it is up to the user on how he/she surfs the net and access his/her private profile. I think not all wifi hotspots can access your credit card info or other information unless you go to a site that are not legal sites which gets info about your credit cards. Those hosting the hotspots can provide limitations on accessing the net and thus it can help prevent cyber bullying.
Did I help you with my answer? :)