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Author Topic: MMAP Address Number  (Read 930 times)
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« on: March 10, 2003, 06:34:57 UTC »

Comments and request for clarification on the <Number> element. Refer section 7.6.1 of draft 12a.

(1) The standard defines the default values that should be assumed for TON and NPI, based on the text "when both attributes are absent".

What should the default values be when only one attribute is absent (as in the third example)?

(2) These defaults specified in the text of the standard do not match those in the XML Schema. This is because XML Schema can not represent the complex defaults based on text.

The XML Schema has default TON of International and default NPI as ISDN.

What this means is that when you have a validating XML parser and get the value for TON of International you cannot determine if the input XML contains the attribute, or if the attribute is missing and the parser is supplying the default value.

This means that the alternate default for TON=National (no plus sign) cannot be used.

Either the text needs to be changed to a single default, or the (incorrect) defaults should be removed from the XML Schema. (i.e. no defaults in XML Schema, as they can only be enforced by an application).

(3) The current specification, with the defaults, provide alternate lexical means for repesenting a single underlying value, e.g. the number 614542562;ton=1;npi=1 can be represented as either:
  <Number>+61414542562</Number>, or
  <Number TON="International" NPI="ISDN">61414542562</Number>

and presumably the intention is that:
  <Number TON="International" NPI="ISDN">+61414542562</Number>

would also work.

It would also be useful to have the standard specify a canonical form when generating the XML.

(4) Some telco carriers use reserved or special values for TON/NPI in their implementation of SMPP (although they are not supposed to).

Currently there is no way to represent the reserved values in MMAP (e.g. TON=7).

This issue needs to be addressed.

Our current implementation uses the solution of extending the TON/NPI enumerations to include values like Reserved2, Reserved5, Reserved7, etc.

(5) Finally, I would like to point out that there is a relationship between the TON, NPI and text of the number.

E.g. if the NPI is ISDN, then you have an E.164 number, which must then follow a particular format (the E.164 format), etc.

With the current version these constraints must be checked by the application, whereas it may be more useful to have them as part of the schema.

This could be done in a number of ways. e.g. you could have a extend the Number type to have a subtype of E164Number, which is always NPI=ISDN, and possibly could also be restricted to TON=International (or at least one of the numeric number formats).

The XML Schema could then require that the value contain numeric digits only, max length 15, etc.

Alternatively it may just be a separate Address type (like email is).

- Sly
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