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Author Topic: How to make CDMA mobile to support 160 characters for Spanish type of SMS  (Read 898 times)
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« on: August 16, 2006, 09:55:22 UTC »

Hi, All,

Without using concatenated SMS, is it possible for a CDMA mobile to support a Spanish type of MO SMS up to 160 characters in length?

Per my knowledge, Spanish characters belong to Latin-1 category. To support 160 Spanish characters for MO SMS, we have to use 7-bit to encode message (uinsg 8-bit will reduce the number from 160 to 140).  But the Default Character defined in GSM 03.38 do NOT include some special Spanish characters such as: (0x00C1),  (0x00C9). 

Someone told me that one way we can do is to map the Spanish specific characters to their closed looklike characters, but for Spanish, both A( 0x41) and (0x00C1) belong to Spanish's characters. So I do not know how to do such mapping. Does such mapping exist for each CDMA operators in Spanish netwrok?

Please tell me what I should do to support 160 characters for Spanish SMS.


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« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2006, 17:46:24 UTC »

Hi Frank

Let me try to answer from a standards/theoretical point of view. I don't have any real-world experience with this issue though...

CDMA does not define a maximum length for the message in terms of number of octets of user data. In some cases it may be possible to fit your message in using 8-bit data.

Alternatively, for 7 bit data, TSB-58 / 3GPP2 C.R1001-E defines 3 different 7-bit coding schemes: 7-bit ASCII, IA5 and GSM default alphabet (the 23. version)

- The ASCII table doesn't seem to offer much hope.
- IA5 (ITU T.50) talks about using a BACKSPACE character in combination with some of the punctuation marks to compose accented characters (e.g. A [BACKSPACE] ' ). Assuming this was supported by the device (no idea!), you would lose a few bytes of message length due to the extra characters but it may be sufficient for your needs.
- I don't know much about GSM, but the default alphabet I found in 23.038-510 contained several accented characters: the actute E you mention (0x00C9) is definitely there, although I didn't see the 0x00C1 character.

hope this helps
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