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Author Topic: Specific Comments on MMAP Draft 12a  (Read 930 times)
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« on: February 07, 2003, 09:07:54 UTC »

Section 6.1.1 Para 1 "the handles the delivery of the messag" - presumably should read "the SMSC handles the delivery of the message".

7.4.1. Nit pick. It says SMAddress is defined in the previous
section - it isn't. In fact it doesn't seem to be defined anywhere in the text although it is in the XML.

Section Make the fact that the attributes are optional explicit as you do elsewhere. deliveryReceipt - what is this for ? I know, but will all readers ? Also why have you dropped support for intermediate delivery notifications ?

Section 7.6.1. I think some more guidance for the unwary is in order here. If I didn't know better I would code TON and NPI as international and LandMobile which would not work on a GSM network - I should have chosen International ISDN. I assume (but can't remember) that the default settings for CDMA and TDMA are different to the defaults for GSM.

Section TelematicsId is this the CDMA/TDMA Teleservice Code ? If is then I think a bit more guidance on filling it in is needed even if it is only a reference to the appropriate specs. If it isn't then please amplify the description 'cos this isn't enough.

Section 7.7. maxMessageSize - which message ? The SOAP Message, the MMAP message, the SMAP message or the actual SM message text ? I assume from 7.8 you mean the latter, but then is 140 the right value ? A GSM short message is 160 characters although only 140 octets once coded for transmission.

I will say up front that I do not understand XML so I may say things that are incorrect because I've misunderstood what the XML means. I certainly found it difficult to follow and find things in.

Section 9.1.1. The XML seems to have attributes etc. that are not mentioned in the text. I don't think this is a very good idea. Examples I
have found:
   priority (P.90)
   privacyLevel (P.90)

Reading the XML I found under userDataHeaderType a list of values for Data Coding Scheme. I really don't think that this is the way to handle it. It is going to cause a great deal of confusion.

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